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Circa 1935 Aviation Silent Home Movie saved by Walt Pierce, American Barnstormers.



Full movie in Windows format (228MB)


Full movie in Flash Format



(Includes Ford Tri-Motor Aerobatics)



This is a direct conversion from a VHS tape that was converted from 16mm film(?)


Our best guess is that this was filmed in central Florida, circa 1935 to1940.


Includes early airshow footage, (National Air Shows) a comedy act, Ford Tri-Motor aerobatics, early B-17, military formation fly-overs and civilian fly-in. Much more.


Any information as to the author or persons/events seen in 24 minute clip would be very welcomed, please email the information to Hugh or phone 864-226-3489.



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One of the pleasures of operation a site like this is the emails that come in:




I came across this page while looking for more information about the Fordon-Brown "National Air Shows".  My fathers name is Robert Milo , he passed away in July of 1996.  My dad retired as a captain with united air lines in the early 70's and his flying days all started with the national air shows. He flew with Capt. Art Davis and Roger Don Rae on a regular basis. I am also sure he flew with Harold Johnson and he is the one who did the tricks in the Ford tri-motor. I was unable to see the aviation movie using the link on this page, (that has been corrected. ho) but when I saw the question about national air shows and the Ford Tri-Motor description my heart skipped a beat.
   Please if there is any way to get a good link to that move I would be great full. I have a bunch of old news paper clippings that my dad saved if you would like to see them, I could burn you a copy.
   Early this summer a gentleman named Karl Engelskirger contacted me and told me that they had found "IKE" and are planning to restore it like they did "MIKE".  There home is :http://goldenageairracers.com/  Karl has a lot of detailed information mostly pertaining to Mike and Ike.
   I will attach a photo of my dad and IKE with the national air show logo on it.  Any other photos or news paper stuff I have you are welcome too. I would love to see a spot some ware on the web that those "Crazy air circus guys" a place to be remembered for ever.
Aurora, IL