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Carolina Airshows, a Personal History


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(Left to Right) Jack Tadlock (retired Piedmont executive) Floyd , Tom Davis & Zick Saudars (retired Piedmont executive)


This photo is especially significant for all of us who loved "our" Piedmont AirlinesTom Davis was the founder of Piedmont Aviation and its outgrowth, Piedmont Airlines.  Growing from a Piper dealer in Winston-Salem, NC, Piedmont became the force in both general aviation and the airline industry.  Before merging with US Air, Piedmont Airlines flew coast to coast, was profitable and a great place to work. 


The DC-3 in the background was restored by retired Piedmont personnel as a tribute to their airline and Mr. Davis.  After the "merger" with US Air, the DC-3 became a redheaded step-child, resented by US Air management.  Its a long story but let's just say this "merger" is not the highlight of good corporate management.


When it became obvious that US Air would dispose of the DC-3 the Carolinas Aviation Museum and Floyd Wilson lead a successful effort to purchase the aircraft and keep it flying as the Piedmont DC-3. 


The Piedmont DC-3 now appears at many Carolina airshows.

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