Automatic Parachute Opening System

Sequence of Operation:


1. After ejecting from plane, air pressure opens umbrella "A."

2. Sting "B" activates scissors "C" cutting Pillow "D."

3. Pillow "D" releases Feathers "E."

4. Sight of Feathers "E" causes Penguin "F" to flap flightless wing activating Saw "G."

5. Saw "G" cut of part of Log "H."

6. Sawed off part of Log "H" falls into Basket "I" pulling Sting "G" which fires Pop Gun "K."

7. Cork of Pop Gun "K" hits Cage "L" Latch "O" releasing Eagle "M."

8. Eagle "M" flies out of Cage "L," attached to pilot by Lanyard "N" Eagle "M" glides to earth with pilot.