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Bob Odells's National Air Show Scrap Book


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(Thanks to Walt Peirce) 

These pictures are from Robert M. Odell's private collection, provided here by his son, Stephen.

Bob retired, as Captain, from United Airlines in the early 1970's, passing away in July of 1996.

He started his aviation career in the 30's flying and jumping with the likes of Capt. Art Davis, Roger Don Rae and Harold Johnson of National Air Shows.

Posting this extensive collection will be an ongoing project for Proairshow, your patience is appreciated.  Most items are scanned from 70+ year old newspaper articles.   

Bob Odell 1.htm

Photographs of Robert Odell, "IKE," and National Air Shows aircraft in performance.


Bob Odell 2.htm

Newspaper clippings:

November 2, 1935 Nashville TN.


Bob Odell 3.htm

Dog Fight @ Gallipolis,

Odell Injured during parachute jump @ Cleveland Air Races.


Bob Odell 4.htm

Memorial to Clem Sohn, early skydiver and "Batwing" jumper,

Detroit Air Races,


Bob Odell 5.htm

Detroit, Michigan Air Races


Bob Odell 6.htm

Tampa, St. Petersburg Air Show,


Bob Odell 7.htm

Harris Hill (Elmira NY) Air Show

Marquette, MI Air Show

Paul Baer Airport, Fort Wayne, IN Air Race


Bob Odell 8.htm

Peter O Knight Airport, Tampa, FL

Machesney Airfield


Bob Odell 9.htm

Grand Rapids Air Show


Bob Odell 10.htm

Syracuse, NY


Bob Odell 11.htm

Syracuse, NY

"Nut Flyer to Cut Grass"


Bob Odell 12.htm

Peoria, IL

West palm Beach, FL

Terre Haute, IN


Bob Odell 13.htm

September 21, 1936 Detroit, Michigan Air Races

Mentions Steve J. Whitman, EAA Whitman Field, WI


Ellenton Airport Air Show

Sanford, FL Air Show

Melbourne, FL


Bob Odell 14.htm

Odell Takes Bird Strike

Syracuse, NY Exchange Club Air Show

Tri-Motor one wheel landing.


Bob Odell 15.htm

July 11, 1937, Syracuse, NY Exchange Club Air Show   


Bob Odell 16.htm

November 1, 1936 Nashville Air Show Program


Bob Odell 17.htm

C. W. "Flash" Whittenback

Harold Johnson, one wheel landing Ford Tri-Motor


Bob Odell 18.htm

July 25-25, 1937

Newspaper article: Rain interrupts Syracuse NY Airshow

Newspaper article: Charles Abel and Bob Odell @ Syracuse NY Airshow

Close-up pictures of:

Charles Abel

Robert Odell

Dick Granere

Roger Don Rae

Clem "Flash" Whittenbeck


Bob Odell 19.htm

Continuation of Newspaper reports of 1937 Syracuse NY Airshow


Bob Odell 20.htm

Newspaper article: Clem Sohn Injured in delayed parachute jump

Picture: Marines bomb target @ Cleveland Airport

Picture w/ captions "Breathtaking Air Show Feature"

Picture w/ captions "Planes Built for England"  (Heath Airplane Company)


Bob Odell 21.htm

Newspaper article: "Capt. Art Davis and Co-Pilots Plan Sensational Evemt"

Picture w/ caption: Capt. Dick Granere, Canadian war ace, arrives at Paul Bear Airport

Picture w/ caption: National Air Show Parachute Jumpers

Newspaper article; "Pilots Arrive for Air Show"


Bob Odell 22.htm

Newspaper article: "Stunt Flyer at Newberry"

Newspaper article: "Stunt Pilots Do Tricks in 2-Day Fete" at Wayne County Airport (Detroit)

(Note Admission price $0.40; Box seats $1.00 to $2.50)


Bob Odell 23.htm

Newspaper article: "Aerial Stunts Headline Show w/ Bob Odell"

Picture w/ caption: Eau Claire Airport Dog Fight

Picture w/ caption: End of parachute jump Bob Odell

Picture w/ caption: Participants in Air Show

Newspaper article: "Tampa air meet Sunday..."

Picture w/ caption: Transatlantic Flyer coming here"


Bob Odell 24.htm

Newspaper article: "They Call It a Dog Fight"

Newspaper article: "Death Defying Stunts Thrill Crowd at Legion Air Show"

Newspaper article: "10,000 Expected at Air Dhow in LeRoy"


Bob Odell 25.htm

Newspaper article: Peoria Transcript circa 1936

Newspaper article: "Plane Stunts In Air Circus Thrill 15,000"

Subtitle: "Aviators Defy Death In Big Meet Here"


Bob Odell 26.htm

Picture: "Powerful Cigars These Aviators Smoke!

Picture close-up:

Roger Dan Rea

Bob O'Dell

Capt. Art Davis


Bob Odell 27.htm

Picture: "Aerobats of Air Prepared to Thrill Elmira Crowds"

(Don Stevens of Glendale Calif. will attempt to break loop-the-loop record in glider)

Picture: "Air Show to be Staged Here Tomorrow."

(The Daily Telegraph, Eau Clair Wis.)


Bob Odell 28.htm

Newspaper Articles


Bob Odell 29.htm

Newspaper article: "10,000 See Airshow"

Subtitle: Junior Association of Commence Hoper Demonstration Wii Spur Interest in New Field


Bob Odell 30.htm


Bob Odell 31.htm