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Aeroshell  AeroShell Aerobatic Team
Big Dog Fowler Cary Vintage Thunderbird
Carol Pilon Third Strike Wing Walking
Chuck Vincent  
Corky Fornof J.W. "Corkey" Fornof
Dale Snodgrass Dale Snodgrass Airshows, Inc
Danny Clishman  Danny Clisham Award Winning Announcer
Fred Cabanas Fred Cabanas Aerobatics Unlimited
Gary Rower Vintage Airshows  Gary Rower Vintage Airshows
Gary Ward Gary Ward Airshows
Gene Soucy/Teresa Stokes  Gene Soucy Airshows
Greg Koontz  Greg Koontz Airshows
Greg Poe  Greg Poe Airshows
Hugh Oldham  ProAirshow, LLC
Iron Eagle Iron Eagle Aerobatic Team
Jacquie B Jacquie B Airshows
Jim 'Fang' Maroney Jim 'Fang' Maroney - Super Chipmunk Airshows
Jim Peitz Jim Peitz Aerosports, Inc
Jimmy Fordham  Jimmy W Fordham
John Mohr  Mohr Barnstorming
Kent Pietsch  Pietsch Airshows
Lee Lauderback Stallion 51 Corp
Manfred Radius
Military TBA  
Patty Wagstaff Patty Wagstaff Airshows, Inc
Paul McCowan E-Team
Red Eagles  Red Eagle Air Sports
Red Star & the Dragon
Red Thunder  Red Thunder Air Show Team
Rob Reider Rob Reider Air Show Announcer 
Sean D. Tucker  Sean D Tucker - Aviation Specialties
Steve & Susanne Oliver Oregon Aero SkyDancer
Wayne Boggs  Air Boss & Consulting International, Inc