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Cherry Blossom Festival Airshow, Macon Georgia


Photographers Terry Wood and Carl Wilcox expose a little know air show secrete:

Port-a-Potty Stealing!


Lowell Sterchi, Flight Leader of the Swift Magic Team, supervises Hugh Oldham in the fine art of Port-a-John "stealing" while Michael Kennedy and Charlie Kulp act as sidewalk superintendents.  Cherry Blossom Festival Air Show, Macon GA, 06/25/06.


Photographic evidence by Terry Wood & Carl Wilcox, Albany GA


Caught in the act! 

Perpetrator: Hugh Oldham.  Accessories: Charlie Kulp and Lowell Sterchi


Planning the Crime


The Mob at work.


Close up of the M.O.


The look-out man, Charlie Kulp, tells the gang to "Cool it!  The cops!"