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The Curmudgeon's Commentary

Musings, Complaints, Grips, & Humor

from an Old Engineer, Narrator, and Radio Person.

A 30+ Year Accumulation of Published Airshow Writing

(Newer articles are filed as PDF's, older ones as html)


World Airshow News and ICAS Airshows Articles (PDF's):


World Airshow News Columns:

By the AirShow Evangelist

ACE Program History, Jan/Feb 1991


The United States Military: A Thank You and honest handshake is the minimum. Jan/Feb 2000

“Never Bring a Box Cutter to a Jihad” Mar 2000


We Got Nothin' To Gripe About! Aug 2002

Thinking of the Unthinkable, Nov/Dec 2002


Thunder in the Valley (The Red Tail P-51 Flies in the Deep South), 2003


When We Forget Who Our Customer Are, Sep/Oct 2004

Welcome to the Next Level (Music License) Nov/Dec 2004


What an Event! (But the Navy was late), Jan/Feb 2005

Air Show Pre-Emergencies, Jul/Aug 2005

Who Made You Da Boss? Mar/Apr 2005


Teaching & Learning, May 2006

Making Connections, Jun 2006

Are We Missing the Point with the Missing Man?, July 2006

Be an Airshow Ambassador, September 2006

Talk about Value, October 2006

No Room for Prima Donnas, August 2006


Web Talk, March/April 2007

A Bad Day In the Valley, May 2007

Command Decision, June 2007

Asking for Complaints, July 2007

The Safety Debate - Again, August 2007


Opportunity, Aug 2008

Alan Henley, Sep 2008

Longer is Not Better, Oct 2008

Change, Nov/Dec 2008


Alan Henley Benefit Show

      April 18-19, 2009

Cecil Field, Jacksonville, FL.

       "Family Reunion"



Trained as an Engineer. Jan/Feb 2009

Dear Mr. President, Mar/Apr 2009

Advocacy May 2009

Who's Your Airboss.  June 2009

The State of the Business  July 2009

Robots & Video Games. August 2009

Silver Lining to a Poor Economy? Sep 2009

Risk Takers, October 2009

Risk Takers Part 2, November-December 2009


Somebody Gets It, January-February 2010

Lessons from NASCAR, March-April 2010

Striving to Improve, May 2010

Low Bid Mentality June 2010

Promoting Airshow Safety July 2010

Ticket Pricing Theories August 2010

Airshow Photographers October 2010

Aging Out September 2010

Why Should the Military Support Airshows, Old Business: Ticket Prices, ICAS BoD Election  Nov-Dec 2010


The Ghost of Airshows Future , January-February 2011

Business Culture Change  March-April 2011

Business Culture Change Part II May-June 2011

Is Free Really Free? July-Augusta 2011

Know Your Enemy September-October 2011

Why We Do It November-December 2011


This Tear's Convention January-February 2012

Making a Difference March-April 2012

A Performers' Association? Eek! May-June 2012

What Have I been Smoking?  July-August 2012

Down In Front November-December 2012


PIGs, Parking and Grunts January-Fedurary 2013




Lights, Camera, Wrap (Thunder Over Louisville)


ICAS Airshows:

AVGAS vs. JET FUEL, 3rd Quarter  2006


Traffic Flow Planning Power Point 2006 ICAS Convention Presentation 18MB

SPONSORSHIP ROI, 1st Quarter 2007



                  Announcer Issues:

NOW HERE THIS  by Mary J Porter 2nd Quarter 2002

DON'T FORGET THE ANNOUNCER (Your Best Friend) by Frank Kingston Smith 3rd Quarter 1998

THE PERFORMER'S BEST FRIEND by Jan Collmer 4th Quarter 1999




The Curmudgeon speaks on the US Military:

The United States Military: A Thank You and honest handshake is the minimum.

“Never Bring a Box Cutter to a Jihad”

We Got Nothin' To Gripe About!


The Narrator makes effort at Humor:

Motel from Hell: Every performer has been there!

Pre-Show Mode: Avoid the dreaded AH syndrome.

The Raiding Party: Ad Hoc group of Air Force Technicians "appropriate" needed airshow equipment.

Government Announces Major Cause of Aviation Accidents


The Old Radio Person ruminates on the Airshow Industry:

Dangerous work but someone has to do it!

Follow-Up Article in Local Paper

Winston-Salem After Action Report

Airport Director's After Action Report

Airshows Boring?  Jane opened my eyes.

Airboss?:  Do you need an Airboss?  No, you need a Showboss.  What's the difference?

Lousy Narrators & Unprepared Performers: Hot button discussion of title subject!

Forward, but with Causalities: Observations of moving to the "next level."

One Giant Step Towards Professionalism (The ACE Program in 1991)

Teaching School (Lessons learned by the "teacher.")

Red Tail Project @ Columbus Georgia

The Safety Debate - Again

Are We Missing the Point with the Missing Man?

Longer is Not Better


The Engineer talks "Nerd:"


Drink More Water: Personal experience with De-Hydration.

Narration Mechanics: Tips for aspiring Announcers and Narrators.

Hearing is Priceless  by Curt Taipale


Misc. Mussings

"There are two objectives in flying; one is to have fun and the other is to get old."

Larry Rutt


"Commentary: How to rein in your inner workaholic"

by Lt. Col. Bill Starr, USAF

Bill Starr has an epiphany a lot of us need.  



This Old Aviator Reflects:

Stupid Plane Tricks

Connections: Big Dog & Randy

Safety Creed: Is It Suicide?

Think the Unthinkable: Safety Stand Down.