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High School Student Aviation Familiarization Program

An effort by Proairshow, LLC to encourage academic success, inspire greater aspirations and motivate individual initiative of selected high school students using air shows as a tool.

Qualified students are offered the opportunity to accompany the Proairshow personnel on trips to events.  Students earn money acting as "sound equipment roadies" setting up and taking down sound systems and participate in all aspects of the air show production.

Teaching & Learning, May 2006

Nick Surls & JJ Gardner travel to Stanly County, NC


Levi Receives T-6 Ride at Lumberton NC.


Nick, now a college freshman, runs the soundboard at the Allen Henley Benefit Air Show, April 2009,

Cecil Field, Jacksonville, FL.


JJ Gardner, still in school, runs sound during F-15E demo, at the Allen Henley show, April 2009,

Cecil Field, Jacksonville, FL.

(That's a very important piece of air show equipment in the background)

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