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Anderson , South Carolina 29625




Airshow Sponsor                              

1234 Elm Street

Any Town, USA 12345


Example of a Letter of Agreement



This agreement is made this XXX of XXXXX, 200X, between Proairshow, LLC, hereafter refereed to as Pro airSHOW and the XYZ Airshow Committee, hereafter referred to as the sponsor.


1.  Services Provided:

Proairshow, LLC agrees to provide the sponsor with:


       1.     Airshow Narration by .

       2.     Liaison with the FAA Representatives.

       3.     MC the FAA Participant Briefing (As requested).

       4.      An Airshow Sound System; consisting of a 2,300 watt public address system with up to 25 speakers, located on   100 foot centers, mounted on ten foot Tri-pod speaker stands, covering up to 2,500 ft of show line. This system is to be self-contained and include three tape cassette decks and a CD player for pre-recorded music, wireless and multiple hard wired microphones, audio mixing deck and redundant AC power generators.  The system will use horn type speakers to provide maximum sound coverage without neither being objectionably loud nor blocking anyone's view of the show.

      5.      Authorization, under Blanket Festival Site License(s), as required by ASCAP and BMI for the performance and/or use of copyrighted music during the event. (Optional) (Not necessary on Federal installations)


2.  Pricing and Payment Terms: The cost of the above, provided at the show site, Any Town Airport, Any Town, on XXXXX, through XXXXXX, 200X is $X,XXX.00  Payable by a 25% deposit at the time this agreement is signed, with the remaining 75% due at the Sunday morning briefing or prior to the start of the Sunday airshow.  All booking dates remain open until recite of deposit.


3.  Failure to Perform: If for any reason, mechanical failure, accident, illness, etc., Proairshow, LLC is unable to arrive at the show site, the sponsor will receive a full refund of the deposit.  If the sponsor cancels the show, before we depart for the show site, Proairshow, LLC retains the deposit.  If we arrive at the show site and the show is canceled for any reason, the full fee and other requirements are due and payable.  If the sound system fails or we are unable to perform during the show, we, will make reasonable efforts to repair or replace the defective equipment or substitute other personnel, but, in any situation, out responsi­bility is limited to a full refund of the sponsor's deposit.


4.  Billeting: The sponsor agrees to provide suitable accommodations for our personnel for the period beginning 1 day(s) before the start of the first show until one day after the last show.  The minimum accommodations shall consist of 1 hotel /motel room(s), with two double or one king-size bed(s) and private bath.  It is requested that these accommodations be located in close proximity to the show site, and/or at the same location as the other airshow performers.  The use of VOQ/TLF facilities on military bases is acceptable (subject to HVAC operational capability).


5.  Acceptability of Billeting: We reserve the right to inspect and approve the accommodations, and require relocation if the accommodations, in our sole option, are judged unsatisfactory.


6.  Licenses, Taxes and Fees: The prices quoted do not include any applicable national, state or local taxes, licenses and/or fees. The sponsor agrees to provide any and all necessary local, state, national and/or federal licenses and fees for the conduct of this event.


7.  Insurance: The sponsor hereby certifies that appropriate insurance coverage will be effect during the event.  The sponsor agrees to provide proof of this insurance if so requested.


8.  Site Accessibility: The sponsor agrees to ensure that all of our vehicles and personnel have access to the airshow site and flight line operational areas.  Access will also be required to and from the airfield support areas, the spectator area, and the narrator's stand/area.  Our vehicles are equipped with VHF communications capability, and the driv­ers of these vehicles are familiar with airport ground vehicle operational requirements.  At controlled fields, we agree to maintain two-way VHF radio communications with the controlling agency (tower) to prevent runway and/or taxiway incursions.  At fields with 121 Operations, we agree to abide with all regulations and security precautions required under FAA airport operational plans.  The sponsor agrees to: ensure that the movement of our vehicles has been coor­dinated with the appropriate authorities and controlling agencies; that our personnel are briefed as to no access areas; and that our vehicles are provided with the credentials, frequencies, site maps, and access codes necessary to ensure required movement on the airfield/site.


9.  Casual Labor: The sponsor agrees to supply the sound system set‑up and takedown crew with two casual labors to assist in deploying and recovering the sound system.  This job will require carrying cables, speakers, etc. (<25 lbs.) up and down the show line.  Young people (age 15 and up) are acceptable and usually enjoy being part of the show.  Set-up and takedown require approx­imately one hour in the morning and one and one-half hours in the afternoon after the show.


10. Site Security: The sponsor agrees to provide security personnel for the protection for our equipment located at the show site for the duration of the equipment's presents at the site.  If over night security is a problem, the complete sound system will have to be recovered and redeployed the next morning with the requirement for the above casual labor.


11. Restroom: The sponsor agrees to provide a controlled access restroom facility (Port-A-Let, etc.) for all airshow performers within a reasonable distance (as determined by Professional airSHOW personnel) from the narrator area.  The sponsor will also provide ice and drinking water for all performers accessible from the performer and narrator area.


12. Confidentiality: This Agreement, its terms and conditions, specifications and prices, shall be deemed confidential and shall not be revealed by either party to any third party not necessary for the completion of agreed products or services hereunder without the prior written permission of the other party.


13. Limits of Responsibility: Proairshow, LLC's responsibility is limited to providing the narration services for the event.  The responsibility for the direction, coordination, and safety of all events and activities rest with the show sponsor, participants and the individual perform­ers.  Our personnel will assist and advise the sponsor relative to show safety and production presentation, but, in all cases, the final decisions for all airshow activities will rest solely with the sponsor and/or the sponsor's representative, event participants and individual performers.


14. Hold Harmless: The sponsor hereby releases, indemnifies, and shall hold harmless Hugh E. Oldham Jr., and any directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all liability, obligations, losses, penalties, claims, demands, actions, causes of action, suits, cost and expenses (including attorney's fees) for loss or damages of what ever kind or nature for personal injury or property damage in case of accident or injury before, during and after the above event and agree to save said persons harmless from any claim against them, arising directly or indirectly through spectators, performers or other airshow participants in conjunction with the events of the above air­show. 


15. Conflict of Interest: Proairshow, LLC warrants that it has not given any commissions, payments, gifts, kickbacks, lavish or extensive entertainment or things of value to any employee or agent of the Sponsor in connection with this Agreement and acknowledges that the giving or receiving of any such payments is in violation of DoD policy and standard business ethics.


This agreement signed on ______________________________________. 




      Hugh E. Oldham, Jr.



And on ________________________________________________________.



By; ___________________________________________________________

     for the Sponsor.







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307 W. Fredericks St .

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