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Since none of the AF JROTC students wanted/could go to Pope we took the old stand-bys of JJ and Nick.

The cadets missed a great show and opportunity to rub shoulders with the Thunderbirds at the Friday night reception.

Crowd count is 80,000 Saturday, 60,000 Sunday.

Video from Fayetteville Observer

I was too busy to take pictures during the Saturday Night Show but Nick and JJ did snag some good souvenirs (pilot chute, chem sticks and two personal locator strobes).  Just hope they don’t do too much “show and tell” Monday.

Base flew in the “Airman of Note” from Andrews for the Saturday night “Hanger Dance.”  Quite a few people were in period (WWII) uniforms and dress.  Held in one of the historic hangers and with the Big Band sound you could easily imagined yourself back in 1944. Nice.

Nick and JJ on the reviewing stand during the Thunderbirds performance.  Show directors are to the left.  I think the “brass count” was something like 2 AF Bird Cols and a bevy of LtCols and on the Army side enough General officers to equip a new galaxy, Majors and LtCols were hustling drinks.

“Front row” seats.  Next picture shows how front, our location overlooked Thunderbird control, next to VIP section.

Nick running the sound mix board for the West Coast F-15 Demo Team.  Can’t get much closer to the action.  Nick has gotten to be a proficient sound tech, queuing music and mixing same.  The “haze” is airshow smoke from the Aeroshell Team’s performance (4 AT-6’s in back ground).