A Salute to the

Thrasher Brothers Aerial Circus


Members of the Air Show Hall of Fame 2013



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In 1945, as WWII ended, three veterans, brothers, Grady, Richard (Bud) and Tunis, returned to Athens Georgia eager to resume their civilian lives.

Starting from scratch, in only a few weeks they acquired airplanes, took over the rural Elberton Georgia Airport and created the Thrasher Brothers Aerial Circus.

For five years, the brothers performed air shows across the eastern US and developed aerial stunts that have not been exceeded today.

Upon his retirement as a successful securities lawyer in Atlanta Georgia, Grady Thrasher, III, the son of the oldest Thrasher brother, sorted through boxes of photographs and 8mm film to preserve a a part of our air show heritage. 

The results is a DVD documenting his father's and uncles' achievements.

This page is a salute to these pioneers of the modern air show era.

Grady still lives in Georgia and writes children's books in addition to other pursuits.
World's Smallest Airport DVD Trailer

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"World's Smallest Airport"

Siamese Twin Ercoupe

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