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USAF Video:

I have always enjoyed good satirical commentary: from the English magazine "Punch" to the 1960's TV show "That Was the Week That Was" to the early days of "Saturday Night Live."

Good satire is a way for a free people to express themselves in a humorous way.  Being the burnt of the satire is not always easy or comfortable but is a necessary and healthy part of democracy.

This piece, based on a successful recruiting commercial, takes a satirical look at the frustrations of daily Air Force life.  Some may offended but as a former Air Force officer, I'm proud that the United States Air Force has people with the intelligent to vent some of those frustrations in such a creative way.

In many ways, being in the USAF is no different then any other job.  The daily chores and odious tasks must be completed, unpleasantness must be endured BUT there is one major difference.

That difference becomes clearer when one considers the words written on the wall of the Hanoi Hilton (POW prison), no date, no signature:

"Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die that the protected will never know."

This is an expression of that freedom:

USAF Video