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Question: "Why Hire the Professional airSHOW Narration Team?"

Short Answer: "Results!"

Dale & Hugh have working together since 1978.

MayCay joined in 1988.


Long Answer:


Professional airSHOW Narration offers your event a seasoned announcing team of commercial radio and TV  broadcast professionals with extensive aviation experience.


Anyway you build your narration team with Professional airSHOW announcers, it will bring to your show a dynamic mix of professionalism, aviation knowledge, enthusiasm and family safe humor that entertains the full cross-section of your airshow attendees.




When the occasion calls for serious formality, the Pro airSHOW Team is awesome; when it calls for frivolity this Team delivers. 


It is this "show business" mind-set that sets this Team apart from the norm.  Each member brings special expertise into a symbiotic mix that burst forth across your show site to entertain and inform your spectators.  For even the long time touring performers the mix of the "Dale and Hugh Show" fills in the gaps between acts or during airline operations.  Add MayCay and the "Oprah Show" seems stale and listless.


The sponsors get special treatment too.  As "Old Radio Guys," the Team members are used to "doing commercials, paying the bills!"  Drawing on those year's of experience they interact as they recognize the corporate sponsors, ad lib real "commercials" and make sponsor recognition as entertaining (sometimes more so) as a regular airshow act.


This sponsor recognition is woven throughout the day; as an example: 


Dale admonishes Hugh to "stay hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids."  Hugh responds by "heading" for the (fill in the blank) beer or soda tent.


Hugh acknowledges the (fill in the blank) hotel/motel sponsor; Dale tells about the special "microwave mattress" in his room. 


Dale ties in an aerobatic act's hammerhead with your financial intuition sponsor. Hugh request "samples."


These "live, on-air" bits are augmented with "sound bits" such as when Hugh attempts to call Osama Bin Laden on his (fill in the blank) Cellular Phone.


All of this "vaudeville" is designed to make the show's narration an integral part of your spectators airshow experience.  The changes in voice, the changes in emotional levels, the pacing and delivery requires a Team dedicated to entertaining your audience, not themselves. 


All of these professionals had their egos were smashed long ago by radio/TV station managers who clearly taught them the meaning of "boss" and that the audience is king.  This refreshing attitude makes this team part of YOUR TEAM, capable of solving their own problems, dealing with their own crisis - being part of the solution, thereby allowing you to rest and concentrate on the real problems of your airshow's operation.


From a single announcer to a complete Turn-Key Sound System and Narration operation,  Proairshow, LLC
offers an airshow a total package of seasoned entertainers that exceed your and the spectators' expectations. 


Learn more about the Professional airSHOW Team members; click on the Mug Shots:






    MayCay Beeler 

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            Sonny Everett





    Dale Michael Brisson




Jane & Hugh Oldham 

Herb Hunter, Air Show Announcer




  Herb Hunter




  Scott Slade



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