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 <Marketing in the Thrill Zone (PDF)>

<2006 ICAS Spectator Survey (PDF)>

Why Become a Sponsor of "Snowbirds Over Anderson?"

<Link to: Snowbirds in Flight>


Successful companies are demanding new and better ways to communicate with their key customers.


Sponsoring "Snowbirds Over Anderson" is not a replacement for traditional advertising, public relations or sales promotions. Its benefits are different, and this type sponsorship works best as a part of an integrated marketing communications effort that includes all marketing methods.


"Snowbirds Over Anderson" is not requesting a philanthropic donation (funding with no expectation of a commercial return.), instead we are offering a company a method to reach and influence its existing customers and attract new ones; a measurable Return On Investment.


"Snowbirds Over Anderson" is unique event offering corporate communication opportunities in an uncluttered, family atmosphere providing access to a desirable demographic. 


Successful companies and organizations can partner with "Snowbirds Over Anderson" to:


Increasing brand loyalty:
Loyal customers are a company’s most valuable asset. The absence of tangible differences among products in every category has a simple but inescapable consequence: emotional logic is the single most important business driver. Without an emotion tie, a product or service is just like every other product or service in the market place. Effective marketing is no longer tied to just eyeballs but rather heartstrings. Companies can create loyalty by associating themselves with positive community based events, like "Snowbirds Over Anderson" that enhance the quality of life of their communities.


Increasing/creating awareness & visibility:
The wide exposure generated by "Snowbirds Over Anderson" in both electronic and print media provides sponsors with vast publicity opportunities.


Change/reinforce image
Sponsorship can create, change or reinforce a company’s image. Being associated with "Snowbirds Over Anderson" reinforces a company’s image as supportive of the community and its high tech, aviation theme reinforces the image of a company as Twenty First Century organization moving forward with Anderson County.  While imagery can be projected through advertising, paid media lacks the authenticity of a sponsorship.


Drive retail traffic
Being an exclusive distributor of the free "Snowbirds Over Anderson" event tickets will drive increased retail traffic to the sponsor’s establishments. The value of positive contact with old and new customers is an important benefit of sponsorship.


Showcase community responsibility
Customers are speaking, and they are saying they are willing to reward or punish companies with their wallets based on corporate citizenship.  In Canada’s Millennial poll, people said that "social responsibility" is the number one factor that influences their impression of a company – more even than brand quality or business fundamentals.


Sample/display brand attributes
"Snowbirds Over Anderson" sponsorship will allow companies to showcase, on-site, its products and services and their benefits. Aviation events bring out a demographic most companies strive to reach. The opportunity to interface with these customers in a positive, entertaining venue is priceless.
(Link to: 2004 Winston-Salem NC Air Show Spectator Demographic Profile)      (Link to: 2006 ICAS Spectator Survey)


Entertain clients
"Snowbirds Over Anderson’s" hospitality components can be highly relevant to companies that value the opportunity to spend a few hours with clients and prospects and solidify business relationships.  A unique feature of "Snowbirds Over Anderson" is its family inclusive atmosphere allowing a sponsor the optionto entertain the clients or prospects entire family.


Event Goals:


The internal goals of "Snowbirds Over Anderson" are simply stated:


Present a flying performance by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds Jet Demonstration Squadron.

This will be a free ticketed event offered to Anderson Area citizens to:


  • Provide a positive community event and generate a source of pride throughout our county.

  • Generate international industrial recruiting opportunities by showcasing Anderson County’s unique location and strong infrastructure.

  • Promote the Anderson Regional Airport and Business Park as a valuable community asset.

  • To reach those goals "Snowbirds Over Anderson" must partner with our event sponsors in obtaining excellence.  This event understands that this is a bilateral partnership, beneficial to all concerned and is committed to ensuring our partners/sponsors receive a great Return on Investment.


    For additional information about participating in "Snowbirds Over Anderson's" unique sponsorship opportunities please contact:


    Col. (Ret) Barry Wood, Chairman

    "Snowbirds Over Anderson"

    (864) 260-4163



    Linda Gunning

    Anderson Regional Airport

    (864) 260-4163


    Hugh Oldham, Aerial Coordinator

    "Snowbirds Over Anderson"



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