Return to Public Service



By Robert Sheffield  



I.        __________         EMERGENCY CONTINGENCY PLAN/ The Emergency Plan:


                                    _____  Emergency Accident/Incident Plan

                                                            Ensure its' in compliance with the "Airport Emergency Plan"


                                    _____  Military Aircraft Accident

                                                            Who's in charge?


                                    _____  Civilian Aircraft Accident


                                    _____  Identify Critical Times


                                    _____  Identity Possible Incidents

                                                            Where they might occur

                                                            What kind of situation:

                                                                        Automobile Accidents (On the way in/out)

                                                                        Spectator/Auto Accident

                                                                        Heat Injuries

                                                                        Aircraft on-site

                                                                        Aircraft off-site


                                    _____  Termination of Alert

                                                            Whether the show must go on or stopped.


                                    _____  Emergency Communications Plan


                                    _____  Identify Medical Resources

                                                            City, County, State Agencies

                                                            Law Enforcement Agencies

                                                            Emergency Medical Team(s)

                                                            Fire Rescue Team

                                                            Hospital Emergency Plan

                                                            Life-Flight Helicopter


II.      __________         CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORIZATION/FAA form FAA 7711-2:


                                    _____  Secure and coordinate with the local FSDO 180 to 120 days prior to the first event date.    

In accordance with AC 91-45C, Chapter 2, Section 1, paragraph 18c, an application for an aviation event should be submitted at least 90 days (45 days @ very minimum) before the date of the scheduled event. 


                                    _____  Ensure you got what you requested:


                                                            wing-walkers (no seatbelts),                                     


                                                            Jet Team DoD Waiver

                                                            Acro Maneuvers

                                                            Forward a copy to your performers


III.     __________         MOA (Military Operational Area) SECURED FOR PRESS DAY


IV.     __________         CONTRACTS REVIEWED:


                                    _____  Performers


                                    _____  Concessions and Novelties


                                    _____  Independent Contracted Laborers        


V.      __________         INDEPENDENT SAFETY OBSERVER:


                            Monitors the air show and recognizes potential dangerous or unsafe conditions.


VI.     __________         PERFORMER PACKETS:


                                    _____  Maps


                                    _____  Show Schedule


                                    _____  Important Phone Numbers


                                    _____  Accommodation Arrangements


                                    _____  Transportation Plan


                                    _____  Shuttle Schedule/Routes


                                    _____  Party Passes


                                    _____  Local Entertainment (Conventioneers Booklets)


                                    _____  Scheduled Performer Briefings


                                    _____  Emergency Contact Form


VII.    __________         STATIC DISPLAY AIRCRAFT:


                                    _____  Personnel Sign-In Sheet with phone numbers (In case of emergency)


                                    _____  Static Display aircraft list to the FBO


                                    _____  Weight of Aircraft (Does not Exceed weight capacity of the Static Display Ramp)              


                                    _____  Arrival Plan


                                    _____  Departure Plan


                                    _____  Aircraft Movement Plan


                                    _____  Flight Plan on Departure


                                    _____  Parking Plan


                                    _____  Barriers/Stanchions


                                    _____  Chalks


                                    _____  Refueling


                                    _____  POL


                                    _____  Signage (Information & No Smoking)


                                    _____  Stairs (Up and down)


                                    _____  Tiedown Availability


VIII.  __________         TRANSPORTATION:


                                    _____  Military Teams Requirements

                                                            Maps in vehicles

                                                            Fill gas tanks

                                                            Special refueling procedures


                                    _____  Performer Requirements


                                    _____  Bus Schedule for Static Display Aircraft


                                    _____  Spectator Transportation from Parking Area


IX.     __________         QUARTERS/ACCOMMODATIONS:


                                    _____  Hotel Assignments

                                                            Civilian Performers

                                                            Military Team

                                                            Static Display



                                    _____  Smoking/Non Smoking Rooms


                                    _____  Single or Double Requirements


X.      __________         AIR SHOW SITE:


                                    __________    Safety Briefing Room


                                    __________    Designate & Inform participants on arrival


                                    __________    Equipment





                                                            Paper and Pens available

                                                            Weather Information

                                                            FAA Available

                                                            Map of Site     

                                                            Brief the Announcer

                                                                        Public Safety Announcements

                                                                        Sponsor Announcements

                                                            Military Teams Brief/Debriefing Room  


                                __________    Required Information  in accordance with AC91-45C, Chapter 2, para. 25-27.


                                __________    Operations Office/Emergency Command Center


                                                            _____  Phone Lines


                                                            _____  Fax Machine


                                                            _____  Computer


                                                            _____  Typewriter


            _____  Copy Machine 


                                                            _____  Office Helpers


                                                            _____  Map of the area


                                    _____  Establish






                                                            Aerobatics Box

                                                                        Drawn on a map an outlined

                                                            Spectator area

                                                                        Position and location of fire extinguishers and type

                                                            VIP Area

                                                            Special Needs Area

                                                            Parking Area

                                                            First Aid Area

                                                            Emergency Medical Equipment


                                    _____  Airport Tenants (How does this show infringe on the airport tenants)

                                                            They will need access to:

                                                                        Work Area

                                                                        Parking Area


                                    _____  Air Show Insurance

                                                            Air Show Liability

                                                            Accident (volunteers)

                                                            Property Theft/Damage

                                                            Workers Compensation

                                                            Liquor Liability

                                                            Explosives, Fireworks, Pyrotechnics

                                                            General Liability

                                                            Weather Insurance

                                                            Passenger Liability

                                                            Product Liability

                                                            Vehicle Liability

                                                            Vehicle Collision


                                    _____  Fire Marshall Permits


                                    _____  Concession Company

                                                            Health Permits

                                                            Resupply Area



                                    _____  Novelty Company

                                                            Program Sales Staff

                                                            Resupply Area


                                    _____  Port-O-Lets 

                                                            On Site and Servicing Scheduled

                                                                        Spectator Facilities

                                                                        Handicapped Facilities

                                                                        Commercial Displays

                                                                        Parking Area

                                                                        VIP Facilities

                                                                        Air Boss Portable Tower

                                                                        Military Team Requirements


                                    _____  Public Address System

                                                            Power (Generator)      


                                                            Speaker and Speaker Stands


                                                            Wireless Microphone System


                                    _____  Trash Collection Points

                                                            Scheduled Clean-Up after each show

                                                            Dumpsters Required

                                                            Trash Barrels on Site

                                                            Trash Bags 

                    (It maybe easier to pull a full bag out of the trash barrel, tie off to close and replace a trash bag in the barrel.)                                                                               

                                    _____  Volunteer Check-in Point


                                    _____  Lost and Found Booth

                                                            Map of the area

                                                            Holding area for lost children

                                                                        Coloring books

                                                                        Stuffed animals

                                                                        Identification Method

                                                                        Log-In Sheet/Who recovered the child?


                                    _____  Public Telephones


                                    _____  Commercial Booth Space/Exhibits

                                                            Sign-In Area

                                                            Military Recruiters

                                                            Chairs & Tables

                                                            Will fuel in the building be a problem (Remote control airplanes)?  


                                    _____  Media Booth


                                                            Materials Available

                                                            Map of the area

                                                            Credentials Available

                                                            Show Schedule Available


                                    _____  Static Displays

                                                            Roped off (If there is a requirement)

                                                            Fuel Spills


                                                            Stairs (Up and down)


                                    _____  First Aid Room



                                                            EMS Team properly staffed



                                    _____  Tents

                                                            Information Booth

                                                            Lost & Found Booth

                                                            Lost Child Booth

                                                            Water Trailers

                                                            Ticketing Area

                                                            Corporate Sponsors

                                                            Performer Autograph Area

                                                            Medical/First Aid

                                                            Parking Area


                                    ____    Air Show Signage

                                                            Aircraft Signage

                                                            Parking Signage

                                                            Special Needs Signage

                                                            Off-Airport Signage

                                                            Ticket Booth Signage and Prices

                                                            First Aid Locations      




XI.     __________         AIRPORT:


                                    _____  Alternate Airport Landing Facilities (Emergency Landings)


                                    _____  FOD (Foreign Object Damage) Determine Clean-Up


                                    _____  Fire Extinguisher/Fire Bottles


                                    _____  Aerial Photographs


                                    _____  Keys to gates and hangers


                                    _____  Airport Signage


                                    _____  Perimeter Secure


                                    _____  Taxiways and Runways Swept


                                    _____  Aerobatics-Box Sterile


                                    _____  Jet Team Flightline in place


                                    _____  Crowdline secure


                                    _____  Grass mowed in Parking Area/Pyro Area

                                                            (Be cautious of warm mufflers on the dead grass.)                                            

                                    _____  Hanger Space Requirements

                                                            Civilian Performer Requirements

                                                            Military Team Requirements

                                                            Commercial Display Requirements


                                                _____  Hanger Servicing

                                                            Floors Swept

                                                            Bird Crap Removed

                                                            Electrical Requirements

                                                            Servicing Hanger Restrooms

                                                            Fire Extinguishers


                                    _____  Establish "Fly-In" Policy

                                                            Fly-In Parking Area

                                                            Ticketing procedures/method


                                    _____  Hazmat Team Available

                                                            Determine Spills

                                                            Clean-up/plan & procedures

                                                            Reporting Procedures

                                                            Waste Management Procedures


                                    _____  Fire and Rescue Team                                                                                                                                                          Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighter Briefed

                                                                        Air Show Schedule

                                                                        Types of different aircraft involved

                                                                        Map of area in ready room


XII.    __________         FIXED BASED OPERATOR (FBO):


                                    _____  Ground Support Equipment


                                    _____  Ramp Crew (Qualifications)


                                    _____  FBO Re-fuel Plan

                                                            Who pays

                                                            Method of payment

                                                                        Military Credit card

                                                                        Military Standard Forms


                                    _____  Tugs available and fueled

                                                            Tow Bars

                                                            Starter Units


                                    _____  POL Available


                                    _____  Fuel Type & Quantity Availability


                                    _____  Type of Trucks and Nozzle Flow rate


                                    _____  Fly-In Aircraft Servicing Procedures


                                    _____  Smoke Oil

                                                Designated Storage Area

                                                Resupply truck

                                                Dispense method

                                                Hand Pump/motor


XIII.  __________         PARKING:


                                    _____  Establish "Hot Ramp Parking Area" 

            (Later these vehicles could become a hazard to emergency vehicles or traffic)


                                    _____  Parking Plan


                                    _____  Alternate Parking Plan 

            (In case you lose your parking because of  excessive rain)


                                    _____  How are the Spectators coming in?


                                    _____  How are the Spectators going out ?


                                    _____  Civilian Police briefed


                                    _____  Emergency Routes


                                    _____  Military Teams Route


                                    _____  Performer Route


                                    _____  Adequate amount of Parking Attendants on Site


                                    _____  Alternate parking site (Overflow parking)


                                    _____  Handicapped Parking Availability


                                    _____  Special Needs


                                    _____  VIP Parking Area


                                    _____  Performer Parking Area


                                    _____  Military Teams Parking Area    


XIV.  __________         TRAFFICKING


                                    _____  Outside the air show site

                                                Arrival Access Roads


                                    _____  Inside the air show site

                                                Intersection traffic to parking areas


                                    _____  Hot Ramp Area

                                                Proper vehicle authorization


                                    _____  Emergency Routes


                                    _____  Performer Routes  



XV.   __________         SECURITY:


                                    _____  Established Authorized "Person on the Hot Ramp"


                                    _____  Perimeter Secure


                                    _____  Copy of the Credentials/Security Passes


                                    _____  Ticket Sellers

                                                            Start Up Cash/Money Float (Change)


                                    _____  Ticket Takers


                                    _____  Crowdline Secure


                                    _____  24-Hour Security


XVI.  __________         MEDICAL:


                                    _____  Ambulance(s) on site


                                    _____  Physician Requirements


                                    _____  Life Flight Helo Availability


                                    _____  Local Hospitals Advised of Event


                                    _____  Signage to help locate a medical facility


                                    _____  Communications


XVII. __________         COMMUNICATIONS:


                                    _____  Ground Operations Requirements


                                    _____  Air Operations Requirements


                                    _____  Medical Requirements


                                    _____  Security Requirements

                                                            Law Enforcement

                                                            Crowd Control

                                    _____  Parking Attendants


                                    _____  Radio sign out sheet


                                    _____  Cell Phones  


                                    _____  Back-Up equipment and chargers


                                    _____ Communication Net

                                                            Ground Operations Net

                                                            Emergency Net

                                                            Security Net

                                                            Parking Net



XVIII.         __________         HOSPITALITY:


                                    _____  Hanger Party





                                                _____  Caterer



                                                _____  Band/DJ





                                                _____  Beverages

                                                            Beer and Wine

                                                            Method to identify minors



                                                _____  Facility Lighting


                                    _____  Pilots Lounge

                                                            Message Center Board



                                                            Phone (to contact unit or family)           


                                    _____  Meal Schedule




XIX.  __________         CORPORATE SPONSORS:


                                    _____  Tents


                                    _____  Tables/Linens


                                    _____  Chairs


                                    _____  Catering


                                    _____  Resupply


                                    _____  Trash


                                    _____  Security


                                    _____  Credentials/Passes/Parking


                                    _____  Area for military teams guests



XX.   __________         WATER:


                                    _____  Spectator

                                                            Fixed Faucet Locations

                                                            Water Buffalo(s)


                                                                        Tent Coverage






                                    _____  Performers



                                                            Cold Drinks



XXI.  __________         ON-SITE VEHICLES:


                                    _____  Establish "Vehicles on the Hot Ramp Policy"


                                    _____  Establish Refueling Plan


                                    _____  Key Control & Spare Keys Available


                                    _____  Turn-in Plan


                                                _____  Golf Carts

                                                                        Rental Agreement

                                                                        Quantity Required

                                                                        Concessions Requirements

                                                                        Medical Requirements



                                                _____  Automobiles

                                                                        Military Teams Requirements

                                                                        Performer Requirements

                                                                        Special Requirements



                                                _____  Pick-Up Trucks

                                                                        Performer Requirements

                                                                        Smoke Oil Resupply

                                                                        Trash Collection Crew

                                                                        Hot Pit Transportation for Performers





                                    _____  Heavy Equipment

                                                            Crane (Big enough to lift the largest aircraft, Doesn't                                                                                                      necessarily have to be on hand, however on-call may be good  planning)


                                    _____  Generator(s) Requirements for electricity


XXIII.         __________         ACCOUNTING:


                                    _____  Determine Performer Method of Payment Schedule


                                    _____  Advance Payments to Performers


                                    _____  Military Teams Advance Payments


                                    _____  Arrange for the handling and accounting of cash payments


                                    _____  Checks signed on short notice  


                                    _____  Arrange for Novelties Closeout


                                    _____  Arrange for Concessions Closeout


                                    _____  Prepare Air Show Profit/Loss Statement


                                    _____  Cash Pick-Up at Ticketing Booths



XXIV.         __________         TICKETING:


                                                Prior to the Air Show


                                                            _____  Establish Advance Ticket Sales


                                                            _____  Monitor Advance Ticketing Sales


                                                            _____  Establish Coupon Redemption


                                                During the Air Show


                                                            _____  Arrange For Qualified Staffing


                                                            _____  Staff Each Booth Accordingly


                                                            _____  Heavy Flow Areas/Low Flow Areas


                                                            _____  Arrange for Cash Pick-Ups


                                                            _____  Arrange for Cash Advance


                                                            _____  Cash Drawers/Money Bags/Aprons




                                                            _____  Tents at each Ticketing Area




                                                            _____  Ticket Prices




                                                            _____  Water/Ice/Coolers


                                                            _____  Food/Lunches for Staff                                    


XXV. __________         MEDIA


                                    _____  Advance Publicity


_____  Coordinate Commercial Television & Radio) Time Availability                          

                                                _____  Research Media Buy


                                                _____  Determine Media Plan (Budget)


                                    _____  Television Commercials (30-Second Spots)


                                                _____  Video


                                                _____  Background Music Track


                                                _____  Voice-Over Talent

                                                _____  Video Production Studio


                                                _____  Sponsors Logo/Placement/Number of time shown

                                                _____  Produce "Raw Footage" Tape for News Stations


                                                _____  Acquire "On Air" Interview Schedule


                                    _____  Radio Commercials (60-Second Spots)


                                                _____  Voice-Over Talent


                                                _____  Background Music Track


                                                _____  Sound Recording Studio


                                                _____  Acquire "On Air Interview Schedule


                                    _____  Secure Advance Publicity Materials


                                                Jet Team


                                                History of Air Show

                                                Interesting Numbers and Facts


                                                _____  Photographs (8" X 10")


                                                _____  Video  (3/4", Beta)


                                                _____  Narratives


                                    _____  Publish the Air Show Advance Publicity Packet


                                    _____  Photographs


                                    _____  Narratives on Performers


                                    _____  Particular Specifications

                                                            Flight Time



                                                            Aircraft/Make, Model, Engine Type, Use


                                    _____  Media Booth Location


                                    _____  Show Schedule/Times


_____  Establish and inform the media of a "Briefing Room"  (This is helpful in gathering the media in case of an emergency)


XXVI.         __________         SIGNAGE:


                                    _____  Outside the Airport


                                                _____  Direction Signs to the Parking Area


                                                            General Public



                                                            Special Needs


                                                _____  Direction Signs to the Ticketing Booths


                                                _____  Ticketing/Prices


                                    _____  Inside the Airport


                                                _____  Commercial Booths


                                                _____  Static Displays


                                                _____  Medical Stations



                                    _____  General Public Signage


                                                            Rest Rooms


                                                            Baby Changing Area


                                                            Lost & Found


                                    _____  Exiting the Airport


                                                _____  Direction Signage to Control the Flow of Traffic  


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