Airshow Sponsor Recognition Information


Sponsorship is the key to the fiscal success of your airshow.  Sponsorship recognition is a major part of the airshow announcer’s job.  To effectively perform this vital function, the announcer needs good information. Please us this checklist to provide the announcing team with that information.  Cut and paste to your work processor program or request a template from Mail to Hugh




Sponsor’s Business Name




“Tag Line” (example: Texaco, “Star of the American Road;” State Nation Bank, “Your Home Town Bank”)




Nature of Business if not obvious from above (especially important in business name is initials; example: POA = Peterson Outdoor Advertising)




Local Point of Contact w/ phone number and/or email address





Will this sponsor have a display booth @ the show, if so where?





Is this sponsor offering any “show specials” that should be promoted?





Any other information that can be utilized to promote this sponsor in the airshow context.




If this sponsor utilizes radio advertisements, copies of these commercials are requested for airing during the event.



This form in MS Word format, click here.