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Keystone Pilot Honored for Spectacular Rooftop Landing in Afghanistan

There are pilots and then there are the guys that leave us meager aviators breathing (barely) in their dust. Keystone Helicopter, an industry leader in helicopter services for 50 years, gave special recognition last week to one such pilot.

Larry Murphy was recognized for his recent skillful rooftop landing of a CH-47 helicopter to pick up Afghan Persons Under Custody during Operation Mountain Resolve in Afghanistan's Nuristan Province. Murphy, a 10-year Keystone Helicopter EMS pilot at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is currently on active duty with Company G, 104th Aviation Regiment. As you can see in the accompanying photo, Murphy knows his stuff.

Keystone Helicopter, populated heavily with ex-military personnel, says it honors and supports all its reservists who have been activated to serve the US in challenging and dangerous locations throughout the world.

In addition to Larry Murphy, the following employees have also been called to serve:

  • John Cox        
  • Karl Jolly       
  • Ed Martin
  • Kevin Dillingham   
  • Tony McDowell   
  • Bob Wilcox
  • Mike Frey            
  • Kurt McGrath

Steve Townes, CEO of Keystone Helicopter and founder of Ranger Aerospace, said: "We are extremely proud of these employees and the sacrifices they have made in order to serve in the defense of our country at this time. We wish them well and we look forward to the day when they will be back home and once again part of the Keystone Helicopter workforce. In Larry Murphy's case, the skill and daring he showed on this mission were exemplary and inspiring."

Keystone Helicopter is one of the largest and oldest helicopter services companies in the United States.

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