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Less Shameful Public Service Section


For over 40 years Professional airSHOW Narration (Proairshow, LLC) has been committed to excellence and safety in the air show entertainment industry.  We make an effort to give back to industry the knowledge gained from those who have gone before in the form of service to the air show community.


Therefore, in addition to crass commercial purposes, this site offers a wealth of information to the Air show Industry to aid in the production of a safe, entertaining and successful Air show and/or community event:



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Civilian Information & Publications

Related to Air Show and Event Emergency Management

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Airshow Management Manual

compiled by Linda & Hugh Oldham


Developing the Airshow Emergency Plan


The Airshow Briefing: Briefing the Briefer


Example of an outstanding Airshow Emergency Response Plan


Robert Sheffield's Airshow Manual


Robert Sheffield's Airshow Operations Checklist

What to Do When the Media Starts Asking Post-Accident Questions


Disaster on Green Ramp: The Army's Response

by Mary Ellen Condon-Rall

An Airshow Incident

After Action Report / Lessons Learned


Thunderstorm Contingency Plan

by Dick Forester

The Airshow Network



LT Jon Fay & LT Rich Rocha

Naval Postgraduate School EMBA Pensacola Cohort

The evolution of the ACE Program and the political climate of the time:

One Giant Step Towards Professionalism

TV Programs Critical of Airshow industry

Marketing Information

Marketing information archived from ICAS and other organizations.

Volunteer Handbook

Thunder on the Rio Grand Air Show

Las Cruces, NM

Airfield Map


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Excel Worksheet useful when computing Time to Impact from various altitudes and turn radius at various airspeeds.   by Hugh Oldham


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FAA Manuals.


Download the latest version of Adobe (PDF) Reader


FAA Flight Standards Service Home Page

FAA Advisory Circular AC 91-45C

Aviation Events

"Issuing a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization for an Aviation Event."

FAA Advisory Circular AC 105-2C

Parachute Jumping

Issue a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization for an Aerobatic Practice Area or an Aerobatic Contest Box

Issue a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization: 14 CFR Part 91, 91.119(b) and/or (c) (Minimum Safe Altitudes)

"Surveillance of an Aviation Event." 

Sport Pilot Examiner's Handbook


Technical Papers





by Hugh Oldham, 1990

Ballistic Trajectory Tutorial

by Joseph L. Zachary, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

(A Simulation)


Interactive MS Office Excel Workbook of TAP Program in above report



Visual Demonstration of A/C Debris Scatter After Impact. (WMV)

Thunderbird #6 @ Mountain Home AFB, 09/03.  Capt. Strickland ejected moments before impact.

Clearly and dramatically illustrates debris energy NOT dissipated upon impact with ground.   

Visual Demonstration of A/C Debris Scatter After Impact. (AVI)


Visual Demonstration of Destructive Potential of Machine in Flight vs. Humans


Disaster on Green Ramp: The Army's Response

by Mary Ellen Condon-Rall

This is the story of the Army's response to the disaster on Green Ramp at Pope Air Force Base on 23 March 1994.

The Case of the Flying Fred

Design News 07.22.02

This report is authored by Larry Zirkle, a forensic engineer who specializes in vehicular accident reconstruction.  Although related to an automotive accident, it is germane to Debris Trajectory Analysis in the airshow environment.  Note Mr. Zirkle addresses destructive energy after initial ground impact.  This energy component is NOT addressed in the related reports.

The Canadian Report:

An Analysis of Debris Trajectories

Associated with Aerobatic Manoeuvres

by Norman C. Corbett , Ph. D. (Applied Mathematics)