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Performers and Support Providers Worth Your Consideration


Gary Rower began flying at age 16 from an apple orchard in upstate New York. Since that time he has accumulated more than 18,000 hours of flying all over the world.

Vintage Thunderbird, a Lockheed T-33 in '50's Thunderbird livery, flown by Fowler "Big Dog" Cary will perform high speed (500 MPH+) aerobatics over Donaldson Center.  The "Big Dog" has performed from coast to coast demonstrating the aircraft that introduced the US Air Force to the Jet Age.


Gary Ward performs a high energy, all out aerobatic routine that includes unbelievable gyroscopic maneuvers where his Giles 202 tumbles across the sky.  Gary is a retired Aeronautical Engineer, knowledge that enables him to push his plane to the very edge of its performance envelop.

Kerry Tidmore is a USAF veteran air show demonstration pilot (T-6 Texan II) and is a personable, exciting and dynamic team player and air show performer. Kerry will provide up to 12 minutes of high energy, precise, low-level unlimited aerobatics.  Kerry is also available for teaser openers and swimming demonstrations.  He works well with others, the media and is available for special appearances/events.


Bill Clute, of Greenville, South Carolina, demonstrates  impeccable aerobatic skills.  Bill is a former East Coast Aerobatic Champion.  He cumulates his routine by completely stopping the engine/propeller of his 1976 Citabria and performing a "dead stick" aerobatic routine to a precision landing.


The Flight’s Unlimited Airshow Team is proud to be one of the AMA’s sanctioned show teams. The AMA is the largest sport aviation organization in the world. Our goal is to introduce the World of Model Aviation to the general public and mainly to kids. It is our hope to show them a positive alternative to drugs, gangs and violence.

Jim Peitz, of Pierre, South Dakota.  Extra 300, high energy solo performance.  Hot flying from the cold country!



Jamie Lynn, Flag Jumper

Freedom in Flight






Buffalo Barfield "Unherd-of- Entertainment"


"A great family stage show that keeps everyone laughing out loud."  ho






Need a Great Airshow Sound System that Covers a Very Large Area?



Alan Simonton

Audio Solutions Inc.

Greenville SC



Professional AirBoss


Airboss Extraordinaire George Cline  


Anyone who can keep Hugh under control is extra ordinary!



My Little Brother, Otto


Yes, I'm related to a Helicopter.



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