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These two are NOT included in the list below.

But, be careful, they're out there and want to announce your show!

Almost Good Announcers

Phone BR-549

"We Will Work for Food!"


Links to our Competitors 

(good, clean competition never hurt anybody AND if you're not going to hire us, best get somebody GOOD!):



Narrator Extraordinaire: Rob Rieder 

(Yep, he's a competitor, a great one!)


One FINE Announcer: Frank Kinston Smith

(That's his editorializing, but whom am I to argue?)


SkyTalker: Danny Clisham

 (Dresses Funny, but I admire Good Work!)


The Voice of Experience: Larry Rutt

(Another Viet Nam Veteran, that's enough experience to get my endorsement!)


Herb Hunter

(Another USAF Veteran, who talks too lovingly of the KC-135, but is deserving of you consideration!)