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Sometimes You Just Have a Bad Day:

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Its Hard to Get Good Help!


Cargo loading team:


FOD Overkill

Fuel Truck:

   What happens when you fill fuel tanks unevenly...

C-141 Details                               

Crew Bus Drivers:

Then sometimes you have

Braking Problems:



C-5 Details


Approach Challenges:







"I though YOU locked the Cargo Door!"


"Don't pull THAT!"


"Cleared to Taxi.  Not!"


"Did You Clear This Project with the Tower?"


"Chocks? What Chocks?"






"This is not how we briefed  it Comrade!"


"Gear?  Landing Gear?"  "Yes, the Landing Gear Comrade!"

Look close: Skid Pads?  Is Comrade Pilot testing a new landing system?

Only problem is that it takes full power to taxi to the ramp.

"Sometimes Full Afterburner is not the answer Comrade!"


The Movie


Other Transportation Industries Have Challenges too!

@ the Docks: