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Patrick V. Ford


Entertaining and Expert Air Show Commentator


Pat Ford, an attorney from Charlotte, North Carolina, grew up in the Midwest with a natural love of aviation. He soloed and earned his pilot’s license as a “Winged Spartan” while attending Michigan State University in the early 70’s.


In 1976, Pat stepped into the airshow entertainment spotlight when he blended his flying expertise and professional radio announcing experience into the specialized and demanding tasks of air show narration. His aviation skill gained greater depth during his eight years as a Senior Marketing Manger of Fighter Aircraft for the McDonnell Douglas Corporation. His involvement in the development and sale of aircraft such as the AV-8B Harrier II, F/A-18 Hornet, and the F-15E Strike Eagle gives Pat the ability to take airshow spectators into the close knit world of military aviation.


Ford has served as the principal narrator entertaining fans at some of North America’s largest air shows including the Chicago Air and Water Show and the St. Louis 4th of July Celebration, the “Nation’s Largest Birthday Party”. He has also performed at such major events as the Dayton Air Fair, Cleveland National Air Show, Detroit City Air Show, Festival Aerien De Quebec and many military open house events. 1999 marked his 25th year at the prestigious Blue Angels Homecoming Show in Pensacola, Florida.


 Over the years, Pat has really gotten “into his work,” strapping on high performance aircraft and flying with many of the major performers on the national air show circuit. His adventures include wing riding over the skyline of Chicago (proving that he will do almost anything to promote his favorite sport) and a punishing seven “G” hop in the back seat of a Blue Angels’ F/A-18 Hornet. In all, Ford has gained considerable first-hand experience flying many of today’s contemporary air show and competition aircraft and several historic and modern jet fighters. Ford communicates this knowledge to airshow spectators, taking them into a world few have experienced.


Ford has served as a member of the board and General Counsel to the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) and is a certified Professional Airshow Performers Association (PAPA) “Gold Seal” performer. His long tenure within the airshow industry is reflected by his ICAS # of 67.


Pat Ford offers sponsors and spectators a unique perspective on the airshow experience. For over twenty years, Ford has been known for his singular ability to deliver the high technology energy and excitement of air shows to millions of fans across the United States and Canada. Pat blends an intimate knowledge of all facets of aviation with an “insiders” view gained from his years within the military aviation community. His narration style combines “first person” knowledge of the modern technology of flight, with the enthusiasm of an old time barnstormer.




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