Fall 1970 Hawk Magazine Cover, inside Sanford TWR.

Old "Head Shed" ATCT, USARV HQ in need of replacement.

TSQ-70 "Acquired" by Sully's Bandits to replace Head Shed TWR.

TSQ-70 Repairs Completed by "36C" and "Screaming Eagle."

"Acquired" Tower, Temp installation.

New "Head Shed" ATCT.

Mission Accomplished.

Antenna Maintenance

Testing Transmitters

Nice "Room"

Sanford AAF ATCT

Sensor Droping Mission Complete

"Bandit" Oldham @ work

Inside Avionics Repair Van

Crew Consuming Adult Beverages

The Boss Bandit,

Maj Sullivan S. Brown

Retired as Col. then taught @ Howard

On the Broder of Cambodia

Qui Nhon? (memory fails me)

Bear Cat ATCT

Way North, Quang Tri ATCT.

LT Timmons and his star crew of Air Traffic Controllers and maintance staff.

Hugh as a Hood Ornament.

Nice place! Cambodian Border.

Donna"s Delight (before)

Donna's Delight (after expert painting by its namesake)

“Little” Min’s Villa. Installed pad lights here.

Viet Nam Boys Scouts on a hike in the middle of a war. Life goes on.

Night Ops.

Bathing Beauties? Actually off-duty Air Traffic controllers.

Our version of the Ghetto.

Oops! The boss will be mad!