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Shamelessly Patriotic  Division


I've never been bashful about being an American and I'm not a PC kind of a person, but normally I do try to stay low key.  Resent events are making me even less so and it is necessary to raise my voice few octaves and decibels.  


Maybe its bad business, maybe it's bad for business, but then in the summer of 1985, while a certain element of this country wore sackcloth and ashes over the 40th anniversary of the end of WWII, my retail locations displayed the marquee "There Could Be No August 6th Without December 7th."   


Caught flack then, guess it time run the PC gauntlet again:



Hugh Elexander Oldham Sr.

I wear his name Proudly!



Information about

The Great Seal of the United States


The Pledge of Allegiance

(please give the wav time to load)


The United States Military: A Thank You and honest handshake with hard eye contact for everyone is the minimum.

Note: This article was written in December of 1999.  Ironically it is as germane today as on the day it was first published.


International Terrorist and Guerrilla Groups

The easily identified Russian Bear has been replaced by a garden full of highly poisonous Snakes.