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Who are Hugh & Jane Oldham?

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This "Can Do" attitude and broad based experience gives this team a unique perspective narrating the air show's routines.  Their abilities have been noted:                                                                 <Letters/Testimonials Page>




 We at Champion Aerospace would like to sincerely thank you for your great job at the air show.  Without your expertise, our show would have been just a show, but you made it a wonderful experience for our employees.

Sincerely, The Champion Team  <Full Text>


 “…thumbs up.”  Leo Loudenslager.                                                                               

 “…Sierra Hotel!”  Gen. Chuck Yeager

         Great narrator!…one of the three best announcers in the country!” Sean D. Tucker.                 





“…with over 250,000 people in attendance.  Your narration was especially impressive and was essential to the success of our show.  We could not have done it without your support.”   Pharris D. Johnson, Col. USAF, Chairman, 1994 Robins AFB Open House.    <Full Text> 




2002 FlyIn logo

“For the first time in four years, our crowds were following the action-and understanding what was happening…your fee was some of the best money we ever invested!”  Marcie Wilhelmi, Executive Director, Boshears Memorial Fly-In, Augusta GA.   <Full Test>



Your narration was indispensable---one of the highlights of the show.  We could have not done it without you.”  

                                          Lee Krick, Lt. Col., USAF, 1991 Myrtle Beach AFB Open House.  <Full Text>



 “Words can not express my thanks to you for your professional contributions…You brought personality to our Open House and told the joint Air Force - Army story so well.”

         William J. O'Mera, Lt. Col., USAF Open House Project Officer   <Full Text>



“Your narration…greatly enhanced the audiences’ understanding of the aerospace history displayed…I personally enjoyed listening to your narration of the P-51 and SNJ-6’s History.”

           Ervin C, Sharp, Jr., Col., USAF, Commander, Myrtle Beach AFB  <Full Text>



“As the primary Open House narrator, before a record breaking crowd of 225,000, your ability to convey to the public a positive “report to the stockholders of America” was right on target.”   Frederic N. Buckingham, Col. USAF, Commander Pope AFB.  <Full Text>


“We were all impressed with your narration as the B-17 taxi’d in front of show center!”

James E. Sandstrom, Brigadier General, USAF, Commander 23rd Wing, The Flying Tigers.  <Full Text>


“I would like to thank your for a “job well done.”  Your professionalism and ability to entertain the audience…were exceptional.  Your talents…aircraft knowledge and amiable personality kept the crowd entertained and informed throughout the show.”  

                                                                             Richard F. Gillis, Major General, USAF.  <Full Text 1990>  <Full Text 1991)>






"The crowd barely noticed the 26 airline arrivals and departures due to your superb announcing."

                                                                              Erik W, Hansen, Colonel, USAF

                                                                              Commander 427th Airlift Wing, Charleston AFB, SC 

                                                                                           <Full Test>



Impressive, indispensable, professional, knowledgeable, and entertaining.  Strong words describe a powerful performer.  From flying model airplanes as a teenager, to jumping with one of the Army’s first parachute demonstration teams; test flying Portuguese Air Force Chipmunks to entertaining millions of spectators at air show from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, to Logan, Utah, Hugh Oldham provides the finest in Knowledgeable, Accurate, and  Entertaining air SHOW narration. 

Hugh, with his wife Jane, bring to an air show a broad based and experienced technical expertise that is tempered with the knowledge that most of your spectators are not aviators; the realization that the emphasis must be on the SHOW.  This ability to take the general public into the wonderful world of aviation, while providing a high level of entertainment value, is one of the Oldham’s strongest points. 

Retired air show performer, Wayne Parish, once paid Hugh what he considers one of the best compliments he has ever received.  Wayne said, “If you can run down the runway and flap your arms, Hugh will make you look good!”  The wife of a long time FAA Ops Inspector, who has attended too many air shows, once complimented Oldham with the statement, “I really enjoyed this show.  You even make ordinary landings interesting.” 

If your event needs a professional, entertaining narration team that personifies “Rigid Flexibility,” displays a “Can Do” spirit, and has the adaptability to “Make It Happen,” then you owe it to your blood pressure to consider Hugh & Jane Oldham.  

And isn’t that what you want for your show?  Spokespersons who can project enthusiasm and a love of flying yet are capable of relating this passion to your general audience.   A team who can translate technical facts and aviation jargon into terms your spectators can understand.  A person who understands entertainment AND aviation.

With Hugh & Jane Oldham on the announcer’s stand, your spectators will leave the field with their expectations met, satisfied that they have seen a show, an air SHOW!

  Naval Air Station, New Orleans 1986          

                                                     Flight Testing 1981  

                                                                       Anderson  SC



            North American Institute of Aviation Open House 1978

                            Conway , South Carolina

                         That little guy is Hugh's son, Clif Oldham, @ 4 yrs

He's now a 39 year old former Marine and rocket test engineering technician at Scaled Composites on the Virgin Galactic project. This recruiting talk worked!


 Hugh & Jane Oldham, Today

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Hugh Oldham

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