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The importance of good narration to the success of your event should not be under estimated.  Even the best airshow pilots readily admit that fully half of their presentation is dependent on the quality of the narration.  Beware of "overloading' your budget to the point you have no one to "pull the load" to your spectators.

Trained, experienced airshow narrators bring to your event a skill set far beyond that of other announcing professionals.  Although a local radio or TV personality is very capable of MC’ing any event, the special, technical nature of an aviation and/or military performances and demonstrations requires specialized knowledge that must be presented in a non-technical, entertaining manner.

The professional airshow announcer is your primary link to your spectators.  Your show is dependent on the ability of that announcer to convey your message, be it the location of the port-a-johns or messages of your corporate sponsors, in a clear, concise, accurate manner.  A professional narrator is trained to maintain a lively pace of entertaining patter, information, promotional material, and the play-by-play that takes the spectator into the action, making you, your event and your performers shine.

A professional narrator has the training and experience in handling crowd control and public relations during an unplanned event or airshow emergency.  The airshow narrator is your only link to the spectators should unplanned incidents occur.  In any emergency scenario, calm, reassuring professionalism on the microphone is absolutely necessary.  An inexperienced person yelling "Oh my God, help them, help them" (actual live PA system quote) is not what needs to be said.  The way your public and media relations are handled during such a situation should have a positive consequence on the total outcome.

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